V4.620 notes

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SusProg3D - Suspension by Design.
Version 4.620 has a number of enhancements.

Thanks to all of those who made comments and suggestions.

In no particular order.


Added an option to the 4-link live axle to have a birdcage linkage on one side.
Thanks to Marvyn for this one.

V4.620B (Build 1168.1) bug fixes.


Added the roll direction for Dynamic calculations.
Thanks to Gavin for this one.

V4.620C (Build 1173.2) bug fixes.


With a Pitman arm steering, if the Pitman arm and/or idler arm axis is tilted (in front view), then successive steering calculations can fail.
Thanks to Matt for this one.


If the roll and/or bump increments are zero, then default them to the max bump or max droop.
If left at zero, the steering calculations will fail (if using any option other than fixed).
Thanks to Kenneth for this one.

Your feedback and suggestions are always appreciated.