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The latest release is V4.670C (Build 1301.2).

Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented antirollbar data loading correctly.
Portal axles added.
Added an axis indicator to the bottom left corner of the graphic.
If using a dual rate spring, and the tender spring rate is zero, raise an error message instead of causing a "Floating point division by zero" error.

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Added the Volkswagen Beetle twin trailing link suspension and steering.

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Fixed a bug that sometimes caused live axle links to be deleted in error.
Added a lever arm style shockabsorber.
Added a live axle mounted rack and pinion steering.
Added additional bellcrank items for Input2Excel and Excel2Input.

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Updated all calculations to ensure that all pre-requisite calculations are called in the correct sequence.
When doing the Rates calculation, if the spring rate is set to "Frequency" the new spring rate isn't calculated. Fixed.
Fixed a bug in the spring, shock, arb suspension input form that displayed incorrect text.
Fixed a bug in the display control form that sometimes showed an incorrect wheel toe description.

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Extensive changes to the live axle calculations for performance.
Reduced the number of live axle calculation options.
Various bug fixes.

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